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Innerhtml JavaScript Not Working

    <h1>Welcome, user.</h1>
    <input Id="user_input">
    <button onclick="myFunction()">SUBMIT</button>
    <h1 Id="message"></h1>

        function myFunction(){
            let user_input = document.querySelector("#user_input");
            let message = document.querySelector("message");
            message.innerHTML = "welcome, user " + user_input.value;

I have innerHTML javascript problem and is not working. Please help me to find it

2024-01-26 06:16:27

Go to the second line in Javascript Function. 

    let message = document.querySelector("message");

You are missing the # sign in selecting the message in the query selector

2024-02-01 04:04:37

The issue lies in the line where you're selecting the message element. You're missing the # symbol to indicate that you're selecting an element by its ID.

2024-02-01 12:29:53

 Here are some possible solutions:

  1. Wait for the DOM to load: If you’re trying to update the innerHTML of an element before the element has been added to the DOM, it won’t work. You can either move your script tag down further or add your logic to a function which ought to be called when the document has been loaded. Here’s an example of how to do this:
    window.onload = function () {
      // Add your logic here

  2. Check for typos: Make sure that you’re using the correct spelling of innerHTML. It’s case-sensitive and should be written in camelCase.

  3. Use document.querySelector(): If document.getElementById() isn’t working, try using document.querySelector() instead. Here’s an example:
    document.querySelector("#ma").innerHTML = "HELLO";


  4. Use defer keyword: You can also use the defer keyword with a script to execute it after the DOM has been initialized. Here’s an example:
    <script type=\"text/javascript\" defer>
      // Your script here

2024-02-14 05:24:52

    function myFunction(){
        let user_input = document.querySelector("#user_input");
        let message = document.querySelector("#message"); // Add # before message
        message.innerHTML = "Welcome, user " + user_input.value; // Corrected innerHTML
By adding #

2024-02-22 04:55:46

while assigning the messsage Id using querySelector the "#" is missing.

2024-03-18 16:46:22

because you missed adding  the "#"  sign in your querySelector  message

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