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Texinterest is an education website that offers guidance for Engineering, MBA and variety of courses around all over the world. Texinterest focus mainly on three areas: course details, short notes and competitive exam details. Anyone can create a short note on any topics and can share with anyone.

It is a rich library of course details, exam details and short notes needed for a student. Students can prepare well for their exam by referring the short notes added by other students. Any user in Texinterest can create the note and share to any user through social media. In Texinterest, the students can ask questions, queries and get answer from experts they are also a member of Texinterest.

The Texinterest provides a career aptitude test that help students to get an idea their career that which course is better for their future. The course list describes the detail of each course, course subjects and career after choosing the course.

The forum in Texinterest is extremely helpful for the users to start a discussion. Here you can invite guests through mail. The form discussion can be set as public or private. Only public forum discussions are viewable to others. The members to the private forum are invited through email.

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